Paloma Devi

Singer, musician, scholar, dancer and yogini, Paloma Devi’s exquisite voice is an integral part of the GuruGanesha Band. Whether singing lead, harmony or duets with bandleader GuruGanesha Singh, her performances are always steeped in a profound sense of devotion and connection with the Divine. She brings a richly eclectic musical background to the GGB, not to mention the poise, discipline, generosity and gentle strength of a lifelong spiritual pilgrim.

And she steps into a rather deep stream in joining forces with the GGB. GuruGanesha is known for fostering, cultivating and enabling the careers of major mantra vocalists such as Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Tina Malia, Nirinjan Kaur and others. A relative newcomer to the world devotional scene, Paloma will be following in these auspicious footsteps, while also sharing the stage with seasoned kirtan vets like Hans Christian and GuruGanesha himself. But even in this distinguished company, her talent shines through brilliantly, while also bringing a wonderfully balancing feminine energy to the GuruGanesha Band.

“Paloma is going to be one of the next superstars of mantra music,” an enthusiastic GuruGanesha predicts. “When she sings, she goes deeply into Spirit, and she takes the rest of us with her.” Paloma’s creative journey began when she started singing in her church choir as a child in Miami. “You know, I always had a connection with singing, and singing for God,” she says. “I always had very meditative experiences in church, especially when I was singing. Every prayer to me was a meditation.

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